Alley Boy Speaks - Gucci Mane feat Alley Boy

It ain't no comparison and I'm not being arrogant
My jewelry game got them staring but your jewelry games embarrasing
Still got got that nasal flow I think I need some claritin
Still keep that White girl with me Kim Kardashian

Rap game I mastered it, yo G card I cancelled it
Flow hotter than candles get
A b_tt end of a candle stick
If you wanna challenge me
Make sure you can handle it
Cause it may be a funeral so gon call the evangelist
Conan man I conquer sh_t
Old school willy wonkad it
Candy paint with candy rims no candy for my spanish chicks
S_ckas know I'm swagged up
But most of yall are swaggerless
Paved the way for east atlanta now watch what I do after this

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