Ambulance - Gucci Mane

Its gucci [?] im the f_cking boss
I pull my pistol out to get my point across
A hundred becks and loud and im f_cking off
5 thousand [?] thats alot of talk
Twenty box square yeah thats alot of soft
So many blocks in the shop it might make you drop
Ambulances ambulance so much you can't pass like hammer pants
Leave a p_ssy n_gga with no chance so what he thinking with those hands

F_cking told you, shouldn't've f_cking tested
F_cking moolies, its gucci!
F_cking told you man f_cking test me
Its pain, its gucci!

Helicopter hovering, somebody please cover me
Public enemy number one against the goverment
All these haters mumbling but gucci man I bumping in
Felt back down got up again I excel cause im excellent
Sipping hen I crack a gin, get a tat then start a trend
Baby gotta mumble booty gucci got a bubble b_tch
I know thats your lady homie me and her are only friends
But dont call this [?] again [?]

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