Angry - Gucci Mane feat Reese & Fredo Santana

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
Tell me I'm [?] n_gga and Imma learn to love you
Put that chopper in your name so I got to f_ck you
If you f_ck my homeboy then I can never trust you
Give a shoutout to my new b_tch, she a f_cking hustler
I got a new b_tch, I got a new b_tch
Yeah I'm riding round the city with my new b_tch
Got my old ho mad, she a broke b_tch
And plus I got the kind of money that we both rich
Jump out the yacht b_tch, we going shopping
I bought three cars 'fore she got options
I'm not popping, but she Gucci
She told me baby get them n_ggas, they p_ssy

[Hook x2 - Gucci Mane:]
I'm [?] summer b_tch
I'm a dirty summer b_tch
I c good to you baby
I buy Rolexs for the clique
I'm a neighborhood n_gga
I'm a no good n_gga
I'm from a Hollywood court but ain't no Hollywood n_gga

[Verse 2 - Fredo Santana:]
Riding round LA with my new b_tch
Counting blue face hundreds, count a few licks
Hit the trap, bounce, whip a few bricks
Baby fall back, you know I does this
Think it's all fun and games, just music
Till a n_gga pull up, get to shooting
Fredo ain't getting money, man that's nonsense
On Front Street, got the trap jumping
I can front your work depending what you're copping
If you run off then I'm finna f_cking goblin
Got Tec-9s, AKs in my closet
It's just in case a n_gga cross me on that op sh_t

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Lil Reese:]
Tell that n_gga don't ride past if he the opposite
I'm a neighborhood n_gga, you an op b_tch
3 hunna, 64th, yeah we be dropping sh_t
She a neighborhood b_tch, yeah she a block b_tch
She been around the block, yeah that's the block b_tch
I spin around the block, I got my Glock and sh_t
Spin right back on your block, you better not be on it
Any n_gga getting seen, yeah we on it
3hunna that's the team, yeah we own it
Got killers, kill your dream, n_gga we on that
It's a hundred band juug right there and we on that
3hunna that's the team, yeah we own that

[Hook x2]

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