Anytime You Ready - Gucci Mane feat Birdman

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
Well, it take money to make money
That's why I make money
Need some today so
I'mma go take they money
Flip money, I weigh money
Hundred grand, that's play money
Counterfeit, that's fake money
Lob city, that's Blake money
Cash money, that's Drake money
Broke n_ggas, they hate money
Rappers they get slave money
Gucci Mane, I save money
Gamble in your face money
Brick squad we taste money
Gold diggers they chase money
Rich n_ggas we waste money!
Street smart, I know money
Y'all n_ggas got no money
Still making that slow money
Ha, cause you owe money
Pimp n_ggas get ho money
Scared money don't make money
Like Big Meech, I blow money
Y'all n_ggas is so funny

It take money to make money
Anytime you ready x3
Wanna race n_gga, wanna gamble?
Anytime you ready x3
Like shopping, like travel?
Anytime you ready x3
I could hit the club and go crazy
Anytime you ready x3
[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
Got money I said it
Brick Squad we ain't petty
I'm so big headed, hundred eighty grand on my Chevy
Go broke, won't let it
Swag sick can't help it
Financial goals I met it
It's a drummer track an it's epic
I'm a hood n_gga with credit
Bills, I don't sweat it
Cash I go get it
But these broke n_ggas pathetic
Rich n_ggas go get it
B_tch n_ggas get jealous
Drop money, I'm careless
It's all mine, I'm selfish
Your money home, you left it
Broke n_gga can't help it
Ball hard, I'm wealthy
Thank God I'm healthy
From the jet way to the jet-ski
Aren't you glad you met me?
Haters said they don't like me
But they gotta respect me!


[Verse 3 - Birdman]
G n_gga, about paper
Them n_ggas getting the vapor
We the n_ggas flipping that money
And them other n_ggas be fakers
High roller we shot callin'
Real n_gga we been ballin'
P_ssy n_gga catch a sideline and
Watching n_ggas who both balling
Hustle n_gga my own line
P_ssy n_ggas get flat-line
Money n_gga, get all the time
New whip, for the sunshine
Hustle with my balling n_gga
Cooking up them quarter, n_ggas
Stepping up them order n_ggas
Getting it out that water n_gga
Rich game, my rich gang n_gga
Feline and my wrist game n_gga
Weed n_ggas getting rich game
We the n_ggas flipping the wrist game
Key n_gga, we move blood
Get it from the G blood
Uptown, we feed bloods
Feed a n_gga a dope plug


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