Back in 95 - Gucci Mane

When I first started back in 1995
I wasn't moving keys, I was buying 1.5's
I started coming up, junkies recognized my face
Paid a quarter million dollars just to beat a murder case
They used to run up on me be like, "Gucci, what you know?"
I tell them, "Get this glass, and get the f_ck away from me ho!"
And everywhere I go, it became an instant cut
Cause they knew had them 20's and them big fat monkey nuts
[Verse 1]
Can't be scared of the dark when you come from Mountain Park
Shooting dice and playing cards, selling blow all at the park
Had a crush on your sister, but I used to serve your mama
Breaking 50s down to dimes was my job for the summer
And my job for the winter cooking bricks all in the kitchen
Junkies dead at the car wash cause I heard that they was snitching
Dope jumping out the gym, man it helped me buy my Timbs
Dope fiend Willie used to finger f_ck my rims
Smokers didn't know my name so they used to call me Black
If you beep me for a 20, bet ya I'mma call you back
She on the dope man d_ck cause I'm a n_gga with a sack
I'm the hustler of the year, and I know that for a fact


[Verse 2]
Price so low that they call me thrift store
Standing at the store and I'm selling yayo
Bought a brick yesterday, got a 4-way to go
On the 5-way, everything gotta go
50 on the table, 100 on the floor
Middle of the summer, bruh I'mma make it snow
Like a Chia Pet, my money gon' grow
Still serving n_ggas through my burglar bars door
Jordace Jeans and a little afro
8-Ball jacket and a pair of Stan Smiths
I don't deal credit, that's how n_ggas get killed
And if you gotta tip, then your car getting peeled
17 going to the 5-5-9
Like a blind man, I don't see no lying
13 when a n_gga did his first crime
18 when a n_gga bought his first 9
If I'm lying, I'm flying, and I show ain't flying
Cooking up dope cause the J's keep buying
Robbers do lurk and I know they trying
Try Gucci Mane and you gon' be dying
Let me take you back in time
Let Gucci Mane refresh your mind
I'm a dope boy, stay on my grind
A good plug is so hard to find


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