Bad Guys - Gucci Mane feat Black Magic

It's the bad guys
Say hello to the bad guys!
Big Cat Records, Gucci, Black Magic

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We the bad guys, and we play for the bad team
We hauntin ya life like you just had a bad dream
The bad guys...
Just don't get on our bad side

[Gucci Mane]
I f_cks with the AR, I f_cks with the AK
You f_ckin with Gucci, you gon' have a bad day
They say I'm a mad guy, they call me the bad guy
I tell ya like this just don't get on my bad side
I come with that skreet sh_t, in love with this beef sh_t
My diamonds ocean blue so they might get ya seasick
I f_ck with the Glock 40, {?} shotty
Plus when I aim then I aim for the upper body
Ain't with that hoe sh_t, I'm smokin that 'dro sh_t
You come with some mo' sh_t, you gon' get your throat slit
Yeah this is that G sh_t, we call it a classic
I have my n_gga Magic put that ass in a casket
And that there is real talk, you best have a fast walk
Or else yo' b_tch ass might get lined in the white chalk
F_ck what you thank n_gga, f_ck what you thought n_gga
Wired for jaw, so yo' ass can't talk n_gga


[Gucci Mane]
Is you a man n_gga? Is you a mouse n_gga?
Have yo' b_tch ass scared to come out the house n_gga
Gucci fear no man, so who is this Snowman?
The word on the low is he really a hoe man
B_tch stick to that trap sh_t, and stick to that rap sh_t
You say you a gangster, but you never clapped sh_t
If you wanna find me, take I-20 Flat Shoals
Let's see if you can take this broomstick up your asshole
Always gon' stand ground, never gon' back down
I'm puttin my mack down, I'm layin the smack down
See Gucci's a skreet n_gga, I stay on that skreet sh_t
And I'm the wrong n_gga that ya clique wanna beef with
I keep the 9 close like the b_tch that you sleep with
And I'll bust a head but can you keep a secret?
I'm smokin that kushie, you n_ggaz is p_ssy
I never been a killer but you pussies done pushed me


[Black Magic]
Now this the bad guy song, they put the bad guys on it
So listen when you hear the two bad guys talkin
I shoot straight, move weight, always in a new state
Always givin fake names, cars got paper plates
The bad guy, say hello to my little friend (say hello)
My lil' friend got a hundred other lil' friends
Now we the bad team, it's more than a bad dream
Gucci and Black Magic now that's a bad scene
Carbon 15's comin out, AK's comin out
I'ma run the North, Gucci run the South
Independent but we ballin like majors
Them fruity ones got 'em all flavors
I'm f_ckin with real n_ggaz and players, killers and cutthroats
And when I get a order homey somebody gettin smoked
I'm no joke, catch the kid cookin up coke
I got a blunt full of bubba kush, n_gga come smoke with us


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