Bad Habits - Gucci Mane feat PeeWee Longway & MPA Wicced

MPA, know that
Know I'm saying I got head cause I can [?]
Know I'm saying I got hot ends expensive
A lit know what i'm saying
Driving fast cars charm amount of cash
F_cking bad b_tch know i'm saying [for real]
Smoking good OG weed
Yeah pouring out good ecstasy I know that

I got bad habits I can't help it
I love f_cking bad b_tches count cash driving fast sh_t
I got bad habits I got bad habits
I love buying diamond watches flooded with karats
[Verse 1:]
Got [?] up under my belt VVS on a whole nother level
Hormone not measured I called the bros to count presidential
Yeah I got bad habits OG gas bags in the attic
In the basement in the can bags
Got a bad habit coming through Jackson got a bad habit sh_t no LAX
Foreign hoes s_cking d_ck now relax
I know the knock knock hoe yeah we passing it
Match blackjack got a lot a action got bad habits I can't handle it
Bad habits take a n_gga that's scandalous it's a habit b_tch it's a habit b_tch
Longway not yo average


[Verse 2:]
That bullsh_t you got on cramp me plus you lightweight
Ma diamond crush stock and ma sh_t on ice tray
With the pain know how I feel I might buy DB nine a day
Diamond shine like the sun VV1 no ricoshae
Bad habits I got b_tch I still pay
Laughing at you s_ckers behind these dark Marc Jacobs shades
Yo girl she did [?] and [?] I can't help it
Yeah b_tch i'm already a lil hefty
Take a look take a pic yeah chefy , yeah b_tch i'm one hell of a n_gga
Catch a [?] I ain't stay fishing ma whole team eating
Everybody ballin ain't no sissy or bleachers


[Verse 3:]
Draped up in versaysi oops I mean versace
I see you dig the fly n_gga why you watching
Girl blog me yeah we call that hot topic
Yeah good head no slugs still stalking
Yeah running through these hoes [?]
You know took over the my life
I feel everybody watching, geeked up f_cking but i'm still on the dialer
I don't turn sh_t down n_gga but ma car low
If you play about the money we handle the problem
Making heats from the phone while yo wifey blowjob me
[?] down show hoe the hell ya ain't kissing that
Cause I be skiing right were her ducks is at

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