Ball out - Gucci Mane feat OGD

If we gon ball out on me ball you already know what it is
Y'all understand 1017 American dream y'all know what it is
Turn up [?]

You know I had to ball out and buy the mall out [x3]
You know I had to ball out, ball out [x2]
You know I had to ball out and buy the mall out [x2]
[Verse 1:]
Maybach with the curtains up Mclaren with the doors up
I pull up they froze up these haters got their nose up
Double got his change up double rich left the hood and guaranteed
No more doing stupid sh_t, them club owners notice me I pulled up in VIP
Hopped out looking fabuly you can't help but notice me
It's 1017 exclusively everything we do is above a thousand
300 Jeans Louis shoes purple in the cup
Higher that the stars is, probly where the Mars is
Shawty say she want that money just to see how stars feel
Yea I got that girl in hell yeah i'm going in
Hustling like a mother f_cker every time the drugs in
Fruity color diamonds all ma colors wanna do
Wild D I got you I'm just doing this sh_t for you
Everyday I'm in the streets like the industry


[Verse 2:]
I'm in the industry and I ain't giving up until a mother f_cker finish me
Double making moves Double breaking rules all about the money n_gga look at ma shoes
Take a look in ma car, take a look at ma jewels
I'm shining hard I got yo wife in blurry
Thousand dollar shades i'm hanging with the bosses
Play me at a park and yo family go take some losses
F_ck playing games n_gga i'm sending you into a coffin
Money by the pound [?] f_ck around off you
Gucci I done bought enough a that to start a stove
And ma closet full a Louis V like a store


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