Beef - Gucci Mane feat Waka Flocka Flame & Sy Ari Da Kid

Hey Man, this the squad phone number's three letters
More money, more b_tches
(This is a DJ new era exclusive)

[Verse 1:]
Your n_gga's a p_ssy, we smack him around
Pull out my pistol, I'm backing him down
Running your mouth, and I'm running in your house
Call to my nest, and we jerking you down
You buying a ounce, and you breaking it down
Hop in the house, and I'm burning it down
You walking away while I'm talking to you
With this A.K will hit you until you die
Desert will hit you, it will take off a leg
Death on your fingers to get to the bread
Came from the country, I served my family
That's why I tell n_ggas to rock better lead
Hit in the head for something you said
Torture a n_gga, I wanted him dead
You leave me no options, you telling the feds
The apartment was white, but I painted it red
F_ck a red girl while you deep on my d_ck
You love me so much, she check pay me respect that's twice on your neck
Came on the Chris and got shot in the chest
Cut off your fingers and cut off your thumb
And I want you n_ggas to throw up your set
Killing the driver and shooting the passenger
Back seat n_ggas can't get out the rest
[Chorus] [x2]
We dissecting beef, we eat these n_ggas flesh [x3]
Brick Squad for life, n_gga inked it in my flesh

[Verse 2:]
I tell my n_gga dissecting beef
He eat that n_ggas flesh
Cold world, I see that n_gga breath
School of hard knocks, got my heater on my desk
Being head for my school while I'm cheating on my test
No beginning, it's the end of you
Burning on me, raising temperatures
You are not a f_cking killer, but gather all my n_ggas perpendicular
Back when n_ggas was younger, you were the lamest
Yeah?I remember you
Facts upon me, no servina
Serving n_gga no suprena
No n_gga, I ain't no killer but don't push me
Came in the game, we got good seats
Real n_gga know I ain't squashing no hood beef
What n_gga? Don't front n_gga, you're a f_ck n_gga, shot n_gga
Free my n_gga ride though, and R.I.P to the dump n_gga

[Chorus] [x2]

I don't owe you n_ggas sh_t, f_ck favors
$64, 000 for this rollie, f_ck the haters
I, I don't owe you n_ggas sh_t, f_ck favors
$64, 000 for this rollie, f_ck the haters

[Chorus] [x2]

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