Birdies - Gucci Mane feat PeeWee Longway

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Birdie, it's a birdie
It's a birdie, it's a birdie
That's a birdie, there the birdies
I got them birdies, there the birdies

[Verse: PeeWee Longway]
Pyrex chirpin', whippin' birdies
Super nervous, sippin' dirty
In the goonies making plays, count a birdie
Extendo hold a 30, it's on me while I'm working
Birdie, them birdies, chop chop, worth a birdie
My wristwatch on freeze, brrrr
Robin Jeans hold Moneefer
Got OG gas, wanna get served?
I'm on the west coast makin' hoes tweak, sir
I'm from the A, b_tch, you know I got wizzerk
Matter fact, let me see y'all skizzir
Got birds of the minolly
Be cool you'll get Zanotti
Frank Lucas attire, I look like a Bugatti
Leave a man ass of fire for brushin' up on my tire
I'm a hitman for hire, don't f_ck around with my dog


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