Bitter - Gucci Mane feat Young Thug & Yung Gleesh

[Hook - Gucci Mane]
Way shawty looking is bitter
Put it on your tongue, get better
[?] your better on, no crystal
They better, cause I brought my pistols
One hitter quitter, big dipper
Got the better faced b_tch, you better
Got a hitter with them big gold pistols
Hope the lean so dark, it's better
Had a b_tch that I can't get rid of
When she test me it make me bitter
What don't kill you makes you better
Why you mugging, you bitter
If you tryna cheek, you bitter
If I'm gone smash you, I'm better
If you get love then show love
The strippers gone get bitter

[Verse 1 - Young Thug]
Probably gone nut in her face, big dipper
Every time we hit the club they follow us with the fireworks like Christmas
Leave a p_ssy n_gga in the swamp just like Izzo
Chase you down like you killed my sister, no Mystikal
Put that stick all in your head just like TI
Got so much weight like I'm in NY, no Eli
And I'm standing, and demanding
Your ho gone go for it like Tom Ford, these advantages
Ok I got a lot of strippers round me right now, like I'm pulling shows
I got so many bands round me right now, I know why the want to rob us

[Verse 2 - Yung Gleesh]
B_tch say she gone let me f_ck, you better
Ten dollars a [?] get your North Face wetter
Around my side of town man we leave you bitter
Extension clips with 30s ho we doing better
Say I cannot [?] this sh_t, you wasted
Ask the blocks drop off the top right by the station
Half a pound, so hurry up, somebody waiting
Four piece convo, four quarter pounds, combination
B_tches with the big ass get conversations
B_tches with the little ass might just leave em bitter
Tell they have to step it up and get it bigger
Got to get a dope boy, get them grams off quicker


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