Block Party - Gucci Mane

Geah, geah, Gucci
Geah, geah, Juice
Zay we eskimos
Whassup Juan T? Boss Lady?
Geah, E.A., E.A., E.A., I mean
E.A., E.A., E.A., I mean
This a block party n_gga, you serve the blocks n_gga
or you ain't comin n_gga, geah, Atlanta

[Chorus 2X:]
It's my party, buy a dub if you want to
30 if you want to, 40 then I front you
A block on a plate, take a line if you want to
You know that you want to, I know what'chu gonna do

10 and a half, 30 bags in a drought (Gucci!)
Gucci run the 6 with a pot in the vault
Hey yeah I roll, hey yeah I steal
Hey yeah I smoke drink and pop pills (yeah)
N_gga this my party, where do you live? (Huh?)
Who let you in, how'd you get here?
Gucci go bonkers, man the flow's monster
Old folks wonder how I ride Hummer
Corvette, old school, Verte look like Tonka
Fo' deep gangsta, negro wood rocker
Chopper, flames jump out just like Flocka
N_gga drop us be missin like Jimmy Hoffa


Eskimos baby, where the igloo at?
I'm double if you cut me my wet might leak out
Million dollar traphouse, and I just cashed out (whassup Juice?)
Got the red car cause it can't mace{?} out
And I bring packs out, thrice house, sex out
It's my block, this where them feds get slammed out (yeah)
and issue that crack out (yeah) two chicks at my crack house (yeah)
Can I s_ck your d_ck? Hell nah you junkie b_tch
Can't touch my work or d_ck your worthless piece of sh_t
I'm up three million, and that's just here licks
I sell white icks, on to that bass bricks
Save your compartment, save the deposit
Glock no safety, I already cocked it
Gucci two bands, can't fit in a wallet
I'm all 'bout the profit, the feds keep watchin
Gucci two bands, can't fit in a wallet
I'm all 'bout the profit, the feds keep watchin (Gucci)


I turned my Glock, to a Mac, with a 30 round clip
Everybody step back, I'm fin' to let this f_cker rip
N_gga don't slip, sniper rifle equal
Street sweeper hit that ass here the bill on the igloo
Buy the tips, and the Glock, bet that sink your battleship
P_ssy bwoy, musta thought, Gucci Mane wouldn't rip
Who the hell you think I am? Musta thought I was a b_tch
Last time I took a piss, man I knew I had a d_ck - P_SSY!


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