Bob Marley - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1:]
They shot my homie for nothing, killed my homie for nothing
I smoke blunts everyday, to try to wish it didn't happen
But I can't bring him back, cause I am only a mortal
People think I'm a God, but to me I'm only normal
I used to trap on the corner, trap [?] with the thermal
I had that TEC in the bushes, run up on me I burn you
Folks they come to Atlanta, just to ride through my zone
Wanna see where I trapped at, they wanna see what's my home
In the place that I said, everything that I meant
I got so many pounds in the apartment think I got dreads
I got money in the bed, so I sleep with the bread
If you play with Bricksquad, them might take off your head

I'm so high, f_ck n_gga I'm so high
I'm so high, baby girl I'm so high
She get high, your baby girl, she get f_cked up
And he get high, you know that n_gga f_ck his nose up
I'm so high, f_ck n_gga I'm so high
I'm so high, f_ck n_gga I'm so high
She so high, but b_tch with me so she good night
And you so broke, you looking at us with all this ice

[Verse 2:]
B_tch I bigger pay her or get bigger paid, everyday is a bigger day
Bigger n_gga get a bigger gun, hit his ass in his bigger face
Bigger [?] and I f_ck with him, half the n_ggas he with her don't like
That young n_gga 'bout trigger play, and my section Lil Jay like n_gga day
Reiterate I'm 'bout pistol play, anything with my pistol say
Shoulder deep in this c_caine, but n_gga I can hold the weight
Appraise me, I'm a mill' today
A mill, and a mill, made a mill today
Say you wanna do a show, what's the rate?
Told a n_gga fifty with a steel face
Smoking on kush and I'm drinking on grape's, I feel just like I'm Pimp C
Say Gucci Mane you a murderer, so you can't get a sponsor like Pepsi
Say Pepsi, f_ck you, cause I f_ck with the Coca-Cola anyway
On check day it's booming, but it's real slow on rent day


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