Boogeyman - Gucci Mane

intro: ghea! dis da mixtape n_gga.
i got trap money n_gga. i aint even gotta if i dont
want to n_gga. im bustin dem things out da wrap n_gga.
every day n_gga. crazy plays n_gga.
ghea yall n_ggas know bout da kid.
yall n_ggas know yall scared of me.
im like boogeyman. tucc ya chain in b_tch.
gucci mane la fluer. wat the muthafuccin business ya
p_ssy. scary ass n_gga. i dnt never see yall b_tch
ass n_ggas. better watch yo mouth n_gga
im da man round here hundred grand in dis b_tch
gucci mane round here understand over dig
gucci mane im da man thousand pounds of mid grade
make a friday out a got dam wensday
hundred grand gucci mane u my friend lend me
mr. flyod diamonds got me lookin just like diddy
bart simpson chain and its sh_tin on the low
wanna beat my chain gotta spend a lil mo
magic city blaze n_gga wher u gonna go man
scared to see my face cuz u kno u jus a hoe man
prayin i wont slap yo ass on the fuccin low man
magic city blaze platinum aint no where to go man
couple n_ggas murdered but dem n_ggas deserved it
gucci mane la fluer man im hungry and im thristy
wearin nothin but baleys guccis sneakers never jersey
gucci mane la fluer i dont think dem p_ssys heard me
i aint needa hundred n_ggas to get myself on
i still got dem units n_gga hit me on my phone
i aint need sean carter i mix wit da water
give dat sh_t a turn around den coop a hemi charger
dam got da bleach and washing powder
i got ten g's he make ten dollars a hour
want sum c_caine but i served his ass sum flour
count ten g's he make ten dollars a hour
young gucci gucci im da gucci mane
i got dem kilos cookies call me da cookie man
dam i make it rain make it hurricane
i make katrina i make it katrina
throwin muthafuccin hundred dollars like a frisbee
smokin on da drizzy got yo babymoma dizzy
uh and yo n_gga jus a worker
i popped up to yo moma house smelling like purple

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