Bosses Speak - Gucci Mane

[knocking on the door]

Whassup my dude? Sh_t (Oh whassup man, what's goin on?)
Ain't sh_t man, chillin man (Alright)
Everything lovely man, what's goin on?
(Nuttin too much, sittin here runnin over these numbers man)
Word, how things lookin?
Boy it's lookin real sweet (Oh yeah?)
We sold like, half a million records on Gucci man
(Word? Okay, okay) Lookin real good
(What the digital lookin like?)
Ay look the digital we already at about 750,000
(How 'bout ringtones?) Ringtones we're about 250,000
(Yeah) Let me back up
We sold this n_gga to Atlantic, for $800,000
(Sh_t, $800,000 n_gga, just to sign the n_gga)
We sold the n_gga! For $800,000
(Aiyyo we still eatin off them other 12 n_gga gotta put out)
(And don't forget 'bout that f_ckin advance)
(they gotta give up on the second album dog)
Well that's another $250,000
(Yeah we need that)
(We ain't lettin these crackers get away with NUTTIN!)

(We got a issue man)
(This n_gga 'round here puttin out diss records on the label)
(and talkin sh_t about me man)
Man don't even worry about that
(N_gga called me a snitch dog, what kind of sh_t is that?)
What? (I'm from the motherf_ckin streets man)
Man you already know man
(Talk about he f_cked my motherf_ckin b_tch)
(N_gga you know how much I love my muh'f_ckin girl n_gga)
Man look, look at these numbers
See these numbers? That man we cakin off
You gotta look at what we doin (yeah you right dog)
Knahmsayin? (We makin a lot of money off of this n_gga man)
(That's the only thing savin this muh'f_ckin n_gga dog)
(We got these goons ready to take this n_gga head off man)
Don't even worry about that my dog
Go out there, matter fact, go buy you a new whip
(Nah, I got a better idea)
(I'ma buy my b_tch a new car on Gucci Mane expense my n_gga)
(Straight up) On Gucci, on Gucci Mane? 'Preciate it
Yeah dog don't even worry about that
AND.. Taree talkin 'bout he tryin to give us
$700,000 for some old sh_t (for old sh_t n_gga?)
(I ain't f_ckin with them crackers in New York)
(We puttin out all this sh_t independent homes)
(Y'knahmsayin? That's how we EATIN right now)
Independent, we don't get mad, we get money
(That's the motto baby) Aight? (That's whassup)
(But hey, any of them n_ggaz try to come)
(talk to you behind my back about knahmsayin about clippin this n_gga)
Hmm (Just tell 'em chill, y'knsahmsayin?) Cool
(Y'know, somethin happen to this f_ck n_gga)
(E'rybody gon' start lookin at us)
(Cause we BEEFIN right now)
Goons on pause (alright my n_gga that's whassup)

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