Bring It on - Gucci Mane

Seven baby, yea
I'm talking to you
Tell em bring it on

Chilling in the club with this Rolex on
Two bad b_tches, tell em bring it on
Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on, what's that?
Guwap in this b_tch, I got it going on
Got your girlfriend's number in my cellphone
Cellphone, tell her bring it on
Bring it on, n_gga what?

[Verse 1:]
Got my top drop riding all summer long
Bad b_tch in a thong, keep your panties on
Keep your panties on, f_ck her while you're home
Call me Mr. Wrong


[Verse 2:]
You don't like Gucci, but your b_tch do
And you ain't even pay me for that sh_t I fronted you
And you couldn't even be the Guwap if you wanted to
These b_tches on to you, but that's the sh_t that money do
These snitches like the [?], man they just as honest
I heard they told em, f_ck that I just spent 20 at honors
The f_ck they throwing rocks at us, I know they got binoculars
Tell em that the Bentley that I got collect 400 books
A million cash'll shut you up, birthday bash at echo's bus
With foreign b_tches smoking weed, I know the bus [?] lean
I scratch some more, we smoking weed
I cook a key up, [?] key
That's less for you but more for me
I'm on the streets but bless the beat


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