Bussdown - Gucci Mane

Yeah (Burr)
I just spent like seven million on rings (Seven, seven)
I got like eight Rolls Royces in my house right now
Sh_t gettin' outrageous
I see you copycats out there
Yeah, I'm feeling myself, uh (Burr, burr)

Ain't no way I'm squashing my beefs like Drake and Meek (Nah)
'Cause blood done got spilled on the street, that sh_t was deep
Survival of the fittest, the weakest, they gettin' eaten
Department of corrections, civilians, they gettin' treated
Sorry to the mamas and papas I made weep (Mama)
God, thank you for the mama and papa that made me (Pop)
I don't like makin' no promise, I can't keep it (Nope)
I don't f_ck with none of these n_ggas, that's no secret (Nah)
I don't f_ck with holmes, and holmes don't like me (Who, me?)
You could never cancel the gang, we too deep (It's Gucci)
I killed the parking lot, I been wanted for ten weeks (Alright)
I pray 'fore I sleep, then sleep with my heat
Predators nothing but prey, you ask me (Huh?)
N_ggas get shot every day on GP (Gresham)
So fly, I touch down, I still ain't touch ground (Ground)
Since I'm the emperor, rock emerald cuts now (Emerald cuts)
Count so much money, got paper cuts now
All kind of plain janes, all bustdowns (Bling)
Same n_gga wouldn't even trust your born round
Home invader hunt like we huntin' Saddam down
Room raider, traitors can't put they guns down (Boom)
Don't let this sh_t go over your head, I dumb it down
Finesse town, he paid for a bale, he got a pound (F_ck)
Like 8Ball said, y'all pussies all lay it down (P_ssy)

Haha, yeah
It's Wop, burr
I'm richer, more handsome, more healthy, more cocky
Wrist more rocky, yeah
Money longer, bread stronger
My b_tch badder, I got more stamina
My stash done got bananas, damn
I need to stop it, man
I'm getting delusional, bipolar, schizophrenic with the money
Bustdown, bustdown
Bustdown, bustdowns, bustdowns
Bustdowns, bustdowns, bustdowns
Bustdowns, bustdowns, bustdowns

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