Can't Interfere Wit My Money - Gucci Mane feat OG Boo Dirty

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I done robbed n_ggas, been robbed n_gga
I done shot n_ggas, been shot at n_gga
If you love your n_ggas you fire for your n_ggas
Call Waka my n_gga, I die for my n_ggas
Spent seventy-five on this Rollie'
Told her four-five like the police
[?] ho, come show me
Big Gucci O.G. like Tookie
If you told her why just like Pookie
Then I'm a gonna have to kill a junky
Since Nino snitched at the end my n_gga he cannot be my role model
Like Big Meech, like John Gotti
I ain't never told on nobody
Got tear drops, but nobody
Blew your brains out your head to make you think about it
I'm cancerous, on the dangerous
And I don't need no n_gga, I can handle this
I got good aim, I don't panic quick
And I have a n_gga funeral candle lit
Like Dunk say, you wanna rob n_gga, well me and you probably on the same sh_t
This ain't a lick, and I don't know you
'For I shake your hand, I put a hole in it

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
You ain't gonna bring me my bread n_gga, can't interfere with my money
I'm a put change on your head n_gga, can't interfere with my money
Heard you snitching to the feds n_gga, they can't interfere with my money
I ain't got time to be playing with ya', can't interfere with my money
Heard you ain't got no money no more, but it can't interfere with my money
Say that you running up on me n_gga, but it can't interfere with my money
Fronted you some and you still ain't paid, but it can't interfere with my money
Like I'm a b_tch, I'm gon' let you play, but it can't interfere with my money

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
See the rap game like the trap game, so you can't interfere with my money
Treat these rap n_ggas like little kids, when you do wrong you get punished
I'm an M.C. but I'm from the street, these f_ck n_ggas ain't one-hundred
Got [?] on my handgun, so my nine hold 'bout two-hundred
Seen a YouTube, 'bout a n_gga saying that he gon' do me then run it
But the only thing he gon' do is start running when I start gunning
'For I talk to you I'm busting nuts, [?] crack your bone marrow
Let your brother be your [?], shoot you in your head like [?]
All my n_ggas got pistols on 'em, all my guns got extensions on 'em
[?] your favorite rapper turned victim homie
And no witnesses to be snitching on me
Say the n_gga died with his pistol on him
Crime scene, taking pictures of him
Had a [?] funeral and a shower for him
When you see the n_gga, lay a flower on him


[Verse 3: OG Boo Dirty]
Gangster as I wanna be, mobbing to the third degree
No n_gga gon' f_ck with me, I keep them shooters 'round me
And I don't really f_ck with n_gga, why the f_ck they trying me?
My hand where that nine be, two shots through your eyelids
These rap n_ggas getting distorted, that's why I'm glad I'm a trap n_gga
Million dollar strap n_gga, brains in your lap n_gga
O.G. of my city, check my status n_gga
Shooting like John [?] n_gga
My goons automatic n_gga
When it's time to ride out, my n_ggas don't hide out
Choppers in the hideout, time to break the iron out
We killing for them rubber bands, bombing like Afghanistan
Pull up in a Hummer truck, spit fire out like I'm drummer boy


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