Choppa Shoppin' - Gucci Mane feat Black Magic, Maceo, Young Snead

Big Cat, Laflare (Big Cat)
Gucci Mane, Laflare (Gucci Gucci)
We will be be respected (respect)

See we can get it poppin (we can get it poppin)
See we can get it poppin (n_gga we can get it poppin)
Cause I went choppa shoppin (n_gga choppa shoppin)
Cause I went choppa shoppin (yeah we went choppa shoppin)

[Gucci Mane]
You n_ggaz not a army, cause you ain't hard enough
You nothin like a boss, cause y'all ain't smart enough
See we can get it poppin (poppin) cause I went choppa shoppin (shoppin)
I keep one in the chamber (chamber) so I ain't gotta cock it (cock it)
You gets no respect ('spect) I mean none at all (none at all)
I'm in the junk yard (junk yard) runnin body parts (body parts)
Roll another blunt ('nother blunt) Magic another blunt (never blunt)
It might look gravy (gravy) but this ain't what'cha want
My money on the rise (on the rise) yo' money standin still (standin still)
On fire with the tools (tools) better with the steel (steel)
F_ck with my n_gga Cat (Cat) n_gga watch your mouth (mouth)
Cause any disrespect ('spect) I'll be at'ch house (house)


[Gucci Mane]
Done take your b_tch (b_tch) - f_ck her too
I thought we was cool, but youse a s_cker too
See we can shoot it out (shoot it out) or we can duke it out (duke it out)
But all that Hollywood sh_t I can do without (this fo'real)
I roll with drug dealers (drug dealers) body snatchers (body snatchers)
Cap peelers (cap peelers) and kidnappers (kidnappers)
Murderers (murderers) and burglarers (burglarers)
Mercinaries (mercenaries) you ain't never scary (never scary)
I be locked down in jail eatin commisary
Have yo' body cold like the month of February
Gucci Mane b_tch, Big Cat ruckus
You ain't gotta like us, but you must respect us



Ay it's a movement, it 'bout to be some changes
We will be respected, what the f_ck y'all n_ggaz thankin? (Hahaha)
We squaded up, camouflaged down, ragged up
We can get it poppin, got ther choppers in the stash box (stash box)
With Magic on the scene (scene) n_ggaz gettin shook (shook)
We knock 'em down first round and we ain't usin' hooks (nope)
I'm from the streets so you know I think the same way
And plus my gun don't shoot water down dawg naan day

[Young Snead]
You need bricks n_gga? Me and Gucci got it (Gucci got it)
One call and Young Snead'll have them toolies poppin
You could be from the North (North) or from the South (South)
I don't discriminate, I'm shootin if your run your mouth
We ridin speed boats (speed boats), and they full of coke (full of coke)
The word is out - we supply the whole East coast
Lemonhead chains (chains), and my watch is Skittles (Skittles)
New H2 interior like peanut brittle

See we can get it poppin - UHH...

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