Count a Check - Gucci Mane feat PeeWee Longway

[Hook - PeeWee Longway][x2]
They seen a n_gga count a check and want to have sex
They put a n_gga in debt like Claude, and raise you for a bet
She seen a n_gga count a check and seen a n_gga count a check
And seen a n_gga count a check and want to have sex

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
My neck, half a mill, yeah it's dripping with baguettes
My girlfriend said it make her p_ssy wet
Had a million dollar watch when we met
I don't love you I'm in love with UPS
A million dollar, sent that on a jet
Ball so hard I got a 50 million debt
Ten million worth of cars that I regret
These b_tches they just come with the success
F_ck all the tricking, naw man I just want some sex
I kiss her breasts, she got a million dollar chest
I lost a quarter million dollars playing chess

[Verse 2 - PeeWee Longway]
Ask me for some clean, man I brought em back [?]
Told em bout my people, shoot em up like Catalina
They see me in the 'Rari, Kid Cudi in the Beamer
She asked for calamari, told that b_tch to try some [?]
I got thousand thousand piling, I got racks stacked up like visa
Head shaking with the pilot cause she trafficking the Keisha
When we land toast a Tequila cause we running through monefa
And I'm gonna stand around me, set it of just like [?]
I went crazy, knocked some pornos out, my Rolex in the beaker
Call me hell, they don't f_cking know I'm around [?]
I got bags of OG reefer, who want ganja, bring monefa
Tell EZZ I'm the city of [?], I goon like jeepers creepers
Pity the fool, I [?] go my Rolex, still make plays on beepers


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