Crazy - Gucci Mane feat Waka Flocka Flame

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Hallelujah, my plug just send me 50, I got first right a refusal
My b_tches my main shooter, I might make my b_tch go do you
Don't bring your b_tch around my chick
My b_tch might jimmy choo her
Its Guwop, I ain't hip hop, but I bet my diamonds bluer
Got 3 spots, I got 2 drops and I ain't no n_gga cooler
Got 3 rings, I got 10 chains and I think I'm Ricky ruler
I got Young n_ggas in my straight 8, cause that's how I maneuver, Gucci!
Make trap back, I had a flash back, when I shot at that intruder
In a section, full of bad b_tches, and they wanna smoke hooters
Way I beat the block, way I work the track
Make you think I'm a producer
Inside your head, medusa, you're dumb head, you need a tutor

I might not buy a new Mercedes, but I'ma drive your ass crazy
That's something she just done phase me
The way she s_ck it, so amazing
I'm bout to drive a b_tch crazy
That's something she just done phase me
I'm bout to make a b_tch pay me, pay me
You taking care of n_gga baby
I'm bout to drive a b_tch crazy
[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame ]
Wave flag, no black car, flat back car, of 2 bars with 3 broads
40 grands on my g stars, pink slips don't lease ours
Who the f_ck you think we are, retard!
Kick start this brick squad, that candy touch your body part
Trapped up like toll cars, goons have it real like the drug lords

[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
Got young shooters and dope guards
My annals are dope boys, like a drug zar in a cold war
Pistol whip a n_gga with a crowbar
Security guards they trelling you, so we pulling up and shooting both cars
Bag a n_gga like a bag boy, paint a n_gga like Mozart
Say he lived his life as a KING PIN, that's why they find his ass in the junkyard
Murder sh_t I know boy, I ain't really scared of no boy
Couple of home boys and lil joy, and they all waiting to come home boy
Got bricks all in my fender, bricks all in my floorboard
And you know a n_gga paid a low for it but respect me, I can't go for it
All my hoes will fly for it, all my n_ggas will die for it
I can tell a killer when I see one, you can say Gucci got an eye for it


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