Da Gun - Gucci Mane feat Cash Out & Waka Floka

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
You keep talkin' that sh_t, muhf_cka
You'll make me mad, I'm a get my cutter
Get my M16, my Mack 11, my K, I'm a call my brother
Matter fact, I don't need no 'nother
N_gga, I ain't even gotta call my brother
This lil chopper gon' take care of all that drama
17, I don't need no mother
I got pain, I killed the pen and I killed the paint job
Rocket launcher, crazy gun like in Super Contra
Kangaroo pouch with the strap, it's down on the nat
Satellite dish, turtle top though, cowabunga
Got them black shades, can't see sh_t, Stevie Wonder
And I'll shoot a n_gga in his sh_t, you better run, bruh
"Gucci got a gun, he 'bout to click, better run swift"
I just wanna shoot, don't wanna hit, got a four fifth
My n_ggas'll shoot yo' ass for sh_t, that like 4-6
Mac 11, don't keep it at home, got it right here

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Bag full of guns, let me pick out one
Whomever wanna test, let that bad man come
Who wanna war? Let come, bet the game begun
Because I murk n_ggas for fun, man, I kill for fun, for fun
Flocka got a gun, please put down the gun
Gucci got a gun, please put down the gun
Flocka got a gun, please put down the gun
Gucci got a gun, please put down ya gun!

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
.38s,.45s, Glock 9s, pistol in my hand, I don't do the waistline
Heart all black, Akon, how you gettin' money but can't make bond?
Silencers on the chopsticks, Avon - I got a lot of guns
Big guns like Contra that'll shell shock you like Blanka
Shooter save a shooter, I'm a top shotter
Waka Flocka Flame, I got the juice, partner
Low jolt the gun, that's the anaconda
F_ck the law until they free my partner
Chopper kick like Liu Kang, free Poo Tang, who who bang?
You real then I'm recruitin', you a dead man with' that FN in my hand
Don't f_ck with' n_ggas, Ku Klux Klan, get love all in the Motherland
Make ya best friend kill you for the bands, get love all in Rosecrans
Got a Mack 10, AK, SK,.223, 3 throwaways, that's a 40, real P-Funk
Slow him down like a speed bump, the barrel pump, Elmer Fudd
Whoever thugs, I'll leave ya slumped, show you no love
I'm shinin' hard, Michael Jackson glove
Brick Squad, there's too many guns, shoot for fun, just because
Kill a n_gga, kill a n_gga, kill a n_gga, kill a n_gga, Squad!


[Verse 3: Ca$h Out]
Ca$h Out got a gun, put ya hands up
They say they want war, put ya bands up
I buy these n_ggas' partners, make 'em hit they mans up
And these n_ggas snitchin', that's why they takin' a stand, bruh
Jewels 'round my neck, ridin' by myself
Pistol on my hip just in case a n_gga wanna trip
And I don't need no crew
Them the n_ggas that's snitchin' on you
Just a couple real n_ggas 'round me
Who don't give a f_ck about you, ooh
These n_ggas know I hang around them shottas
Only comin' for ya medulla oblongata
Wanna see yo' noodles, love eatin' pasta
(I'm on the phone with' Mac A Zoe, he put me on the roster)
Yeah, we talkin' crazy, in Miami in a rari with' them Haitians
Sh_t, I just talk it how I live it
Probably that's the reason why I party at Liv, rich n_gga sh_t


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