Darker - Gucci Mane feat Chief Keef

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
The tints on my sh_t there look darker
Pouring up drank n_gga, my sh_t darker
The kush came in this time look darker
I'm whipping up a brick and the work look darker
Kush came in this time look darker
Pouring up drank n_gga my sh_t darker
The work came in this time look darker
And the tints on my sh_t there look darker

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Dark tint on my soowoo red charger
The n_ggas round me drink lean not water
I could never hold a job down like my father
But I could hold a block and push the rock, Shawn Carter
B_tches on my d_ck cause my skin real darker
Got a yellow b_tch and The Devil Wears Prada
Got the narcs on me say my car tail got bothered
Big fish in little pond, get swallowed
Dark weed, super dark weed, Cali OG
Dark lean, super dark lean, straight codeine
Dark meat pretty brown b_tch that adore me
Dark tint on my dark bent on a dark street


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
It's a dark night, had a gun fight with a dark clique
Set up by a dark skin b_tch, she was dumb thick
Gucci Mane keep pulling up in darkly painted cars
Dropped the top on your b_tch, now she looking at the stars
Diamonds dancing on my wrist, you dancing with the star
Gucci Mane so geeked up, he don't care you light or dark ho
I just paid 300 cause didn't have nowhere to park ho
If Gucci Mane just bought why the f_ck he paint it darker
That sh_t was already hard, Now he made it harder
Cali kush, just touched down n_gga and this pack a lil' darker
Dog food bricks and cocaina them, now they look darker
Dark skin brick I'm touching it and with it whipping away from the water


[Verse 3: Chief Keef]
I just bought six pints, they dark as f_ck (Leaning)
B_tch I'm with the dart gang, don't think so we dart you up
B_tch I'm with the art gang, don't think so we paint you up
Them n_ggas ain't with us, them n_ggas lame as f_ck
B_tch we the Black Disciples so our blood a lil' darker
I'm rolling in that Beamer big guwop in his charger
And we racing down your block like we ain't riding Forgiatos
Disrespect So Icey Brick Squad we gon' drop you
Beat the lil' n_gga ass like his father
On that Glo' Boys sh_t, you ain't with it we pop you
These lil' b_tches on my d_ck cause my money got larger
I'm smoking on this Keisha getting head from Ms. Parker


[Outro: Gucci Mane]
It's guwop n_gga
Turn up
Everything dark this summer n_gga
You see me in the dark too f_ck n_gga
It's Gucci

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