Dead People - Gucci Mane feat Raury

[Hook x2 - Gucci Mane:]
I got a pocket full of dead people
Evil voices in my head tellin' me go get this bread
Got a pocket full of dead people
Evil voices in my head tellin' me to get this bread

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
Got a pocket full of dead guys
Evil voices in my head tellin' me to watch the feds
And I love sellin' cake pies
It's a bad b_tch in my bed and she got that stupid head
Got me Versace, shop, shawty, catch me walkin' out of 5ths
With a lit Glock 40 and a couple extra clips
Lenox Mall in the closet, all my hoes exotic
And ain't that sh_t ironic that my doors go up, robotic?
I can walk the sh_t and I can talk the sh_t
I can talk the sh_t cause I got it
It's Gucci Mane, I'm a walkin' lick
Got dead people in my pocket
Fallin' off in Follie's, got a bag full of the mollies
A half a mil' off profit, and my Muller got her jockin'

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Raury:]
I've been livin' like a king all week
I'm a peasant at the end of every day
I've been chillin' with my n_ggas in the streets
Livin' like a vagabond, wild, free, run away
Reminiscin' 'bout them bored summer days
Blowin' haze on the east side of Atlanta
Makin' moves on the shawty, a Hispania
We don't speak the same language so excuse me if I stammer
I understand you wanna pick up the hammer
And build up your own, she see her brother climbin' the ladder
It's your time, yeah it's somethin' that you figure
I mean you can do it too but you can't be a b_tch ass n_gga
Get up off your ass, find a f_ckin' craft
Make bread, get it back, give it back times 2
Who are you? Look in the mirror
Don't give a f_ck what they think, you're the one, you're the truth
Got the juice, got the juice, got the juice, got the juice
Mothaf_cka you the man like an 8th grade Jew
You can chew through any zebra ass in the zoo
Any n_gga tryna act hard as some leather boots, f_ck them
And anyone tryna step on you, fire burnin'
N_gga learnin', stay concernin' bout your paper
Now and later ain't really good time
For a n_gga 'bout his business on Wood Crest Manor

[Hook x2]

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