Dirt Cheap - Gucci Mane

808, 1017, Purps on the beat

[Verse 1]:
I'm trying to sell it to you cheap n_gga, dirt cheap
You know I sell dope in my sleep, but I don't sleep
You know I sell codeine that lean for a good number
And I got white squares of that clean and that green ganja
I got that sh_t that make a fiend have extreme hunger
Look like she 50, but I swear she like 10 years younger
These 'sace shades on me and now I feel like Stevie Wonder
But when you go to jail to them your just another number
I called this b_tch from jail and made she changed the f_cking number
I'm in that boat motherf_cker, traffic bumper bumper
I got your b_tch with me and guess what man I'm about to f_ck her

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