Everybody Dies - Gucci Mane feat Dash Wooh Da Kid

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
Cameras, I despise, they can't look me in my eyes
I act meek as of a sheep but a coyote in disguise
Got a condo full of pies and I love to improvise
Mob ties like a wiseguy, I have you cooked and fried
If you try me, I'ma blind yah swear somebody died
Since he lied the way he lied then he sleepin' with the flies
Homicide, suicide, genocide when I ride
R.I.P. D.O.A., EMT just arrived
Throw his body in the ocean, let it wash out with the tide
Tie his head to a tire cause I knew he would collide
Thought that I would let it slide but I cannot set aside
Drop the beef, the n_gga tried but his request was denied

[Hook x2 - Gucci Mane:]
F_ck with Brick Squad, n_gga, everybody dies
F_ck with Brick Squad, n_gga, everybody dies
The goons, the b_tches, everybody dies
The dogs, the fishes, everybody dies

[Verse 2:]
F_ck with Dirt Gang, get murked
F_ck with Gucci Mane, get murked
F_ck with Flocka Flame, get murked
And I put that sh_t on dirt
I ain't talkin' 'bout no water game when I say my n_ggas squirt
They pull up, hop out, BOW BOW SKRRRRT
It's DT, n_gga, when you see me, n_gga
[?] on n_gga
When I squeeze this Glock, turn to feces, n_gga
And I'm 'bout that life
No Adidas, but I got them stripes
And I got that TEC, if I cut that check
Then my young n_ggas gon' go nice

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
Everybody gunnin', shoot 'em up, bang
Straightjacket music, Brick Squad, we insane
Everybody dies, from the roaches to the rats
Everybody dies, that's a mothaf_ckin' fact
Gucci, Debo, Flock, they handle their B.I
Cop a 15, load it up like I'm T.I
Brick Squad shooters, we got killers on the west
.44 Bulldog don't leave a stupid mess

[Hook x2]

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