Everybody Know - Gucci Mane feat Young Fresh & OG Boo Dirty

Hah, Ku a b_tch mo f_cka
808 mafia, TM everybody know
Everybody know everybody know

[Verse 1:]
I got them scrubs hanging out ma pocket everybody know
I'm a mo f_cking killer a armadillo on the low
Got em brick for the low so everybody know
I just bring it to yo door n_gga everybody know
Got the fire on moby I'll shoot through the door
If i'm standing upstairs I'll shoot through the floor
Dog food blackberries yeah Gucci serving crows
An yo b_tch say she never seen a neck so froze
Got em diamonds on ma chest i'm so mother f_cking blessed
Way back on Mona Cres. Then I was a walking cheque
I'm a man of respect I'll shoot you in the neck
Plea your with f_ck with this I ain't aiming for your chest
Got em bricks in the house and everybody know
Everybody know, everybody know
Say 12 at the door damn everybody go, everybody go
Man everybody go
Got the powders here n_gga man I got em for the low everybody know
Everybody know, everybody know
OG a fresh serving with Gua up yo door everybody know, everybody know

[Verse 2:]
Everybody know I'm a mother f_cking G
Everybody know I'm in the mother f_cking street
Everybody know everybody I ain't f_cking with you n_ggas
Most D n_gga really D sweet
These n_ggas ain't sticking to the G-code, fresh army n_gga
These n_ggas fold. These n_ggas ain't living lows
These n_ggas ain't selling bows
N_gga i'm in the streets 365 , [?] on ma thighs
Colombia drive
Yeah tryna better my situation by paper chasing
These n_ggas hating but f_ck it, keep these n_ggas waiting
Plus they ain't spending no money anyway so what the f_ck is you saying
N_gga ima get money I love the money i'm sleeping with it
Yo b_tch i'm creeping with it the clip look just like it's kicking
It's poking out you see that b_tch it's poking out
The rims is poking out am who these hoes spoke about


[Verse 3:]
Spend a hundred on the chopper, hundred on the bar
Hundred young n_gga wanna ball in [?]
Hundred on ma chain fifty on ma ring
God know when we so icy gang
Yo b_tch stand about 5-2 my money stand about 5 too
Do whatever I tell her too my jump out the plane in a ma parachute
Now everybody know a real playing game
My young n_ggas they paru
F_ck a P bust at the P should seen how they swine flu
Now i'm a G who the f_ck are you
Yo old b_tch I made her my boo
Got a Bank roll that can't fold got shooters on my payroll
Me grew up in street money [?] everyday say dope money fit
1017 chain on my neck everywhere I go the boy stay on fleek
And I got cars in my garage that I ain't drove yet
Diamonds round my neck and my wrist that boy be frozen


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