Extra - Gucci Mane

Textin, smokin' and flexin' at the same time
Pick ya weapon, n_gga
AR-15, Mac-11, n_gga

[Verse 1]
I if you a Blood got beef with Guwop I don't wanna B ya
If you a Crip got problems with me I wouldn't wanna C ya
LC's all over me, no Vice Lord tho I Louis V up
Big up to Jeezy but the 12 disciples they betrayed Jesus
RIP to MLK he was a born leader
Malcolm X man dat there, them my damn people
Its a revolution second graders smokin' reefer
And killin' people, god deliver me from evil
My momma told me in the county jail in visitation
That shes not sad I took her ? shes happy that I made it
I buried the trash they threw at me and know its my buried treasure
And every hurdle in life I leap, it make me more successful
Life so stressful, n_ggas they gone test ya
So Icey and you can't make a diamond without pressure
Just to wake up and breath, man I'm blessedful
I used to pay my momma rent with the extras
Dope man, b_tch want a bag I got extras
Don't measure lean pour up and don't measure
Dope man burry a mill, its buried treasure
Extra extra read about it, b_tch I'm in the paper

[Verse 2]
Finessed the college out a loan, dropped out the first semester

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