Fifty Large - Gucci Mane feat Strap Da Fool

Fifty Large in a rubber band
Gucci cook the dope with his left hand
Fifty straps in a f_cking van
We let them f_ckas blahm
When we pull up, goin ham

Smoke a hundred grams, throw a hundred grand
Pour a half a pint in the ocean [?] (mud)
Heinz 57, n_ggas wanna [?]
The dope so good the salsa make you wanna lick ya hand

[Verse 1 - Strap Da Fool:]
In the trap house, I'm with big Gucci
Fifty scraps in the bag, we got ten uzi's
I got three cellphones, all my lines ringin
I got 4 chains on, vvs's blingin
In the kitchen water whippin, pourin up the syrup
Hundred bags of the midget, comin on the 3rd
Audemars Piguet, had to flood it out
Rich n_gga, but I still got a gold mouth
Racks on top of racks, n_gga I'm talkin M's
Got them young n_ggas with straps, they shoot [?]
Yeah a country boy, tell em wait in line
Get that cash by any means, juggin all the time


[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane:]
Ball so hard my friends say I shouldn't have done it
Spent a million last year, yeah on some dumb sh_t
Spent two million last week yeah having fun b_tch
Spent two million last year, icin out my whole clique
Spent, 20 million in my life, im a rich dude
If i get it to ya on the Greyhound, that's logistics
Got ya girlfriend sh_ttin dog food, real [?]
Got a half a pint of lean in the cup, yeah I pissed it
N_ggas say that they trynna stop the wop, got me twisted
Lil Darrell got retarded ass watch, like he's gifted
And that [?] that you seen in the troop, yeah I flipped it
Red with the red forgies, n_gga shoulda peeped it
Got this [?] on me homey, f_ck it I can't keep a secret
Im on designer all type of day, but yeah I'm sellin cheap sh_t
Cheap worker, a re-rocker all day, I got them cheap bricks
Louis shoes on when I run up on em, check my feet b_tch
Bally boots soon as I pull up on em, on that street sh_t
All my belts are horseshoe Ferragamo, you should listen
Gucci pull up, paddle shiftin on em, pole position


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