Fuck Niggas - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1]
I got on 15 diamond chains like I'm a slave man
Drag her by her hair like I'm a cave man
She gave me a block of money when I got out of jail
I told her we gon buy a bale, b_tch let's buy us a bale
I love cooking cocaina man but I hate the smell of it
N_ggas snitching on me wanna go and call 12 and sh_t
My b_tch so bad that I might just buy a V12 for that
I don't miss being on Big Cat but I miss all of them scraps and sh_t
N_ggas riding with me 17, 18, ain't got gas and sh_t
I think I need some mice traps cause my hood full rats ya b_tch (mices)
Hood n_gga from Bouldercrest, but I got this classic d_ck
Producing my own movies, turn your b_tch to an actress
Guwop tell 'em turn up n_gga, and all of this classic sh_t
And I'm in East Atlanta zuwoping like old dirty bastard did
Tryna stop wrist [?] like sinking the Titanic b_tch
Brick squad 1017, I gives a f_ck bout Atlantic b_tch

These f_ck n_ggas ain't getting no money, these f_ck n_ggas ain't getting no money
Small time n_gga and you still getting fronted
Talking big money, but ain't got no money
[Verse 2]
Kiss your b_tch, she got more money than most these rappers got
Guwop, I got more bales, bricks than probably most of these trappers got
Say you in the bando but I don't see no dope my nig
And Guwop is so dangerous he might just kidnap your kids
I got this wig on but man I'm not doing drag ya b_tch
I'm on some [?] sh_t, I just might kidnap your b_tch
Say you're trapping hard but your tryna kidnap a b_tch
I'm the type of n_ggas that get texts when I attack your clique
Ran up on the plug cause a n_gga went broke
I ain't give a damn cause he had no hope
Gucci got boats like 34 and these boats here cost 34
30 something hundred if a n_gga ain't on it
Remember when the badge cost 85 hundred?
[?] HD coming through the SD so many PTs probably need an RV


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