Fuck Something - Gucci Mane feat Young Scooter, Kirko Bangz & Waka Flocka Flame

No relationship
No exchange of phone numbers
No valentine's day, no Christmas, no dates
Just straight up f_cking, you hear me?

[Gucci Mane]
I just had a threesome, could have been a freesome
But I'm not a cheap one so I gave they ass 5 hunda
Skeeted on her bum bum, f_cked her with a condom
East Atlanta, known for dragging b_tches where I come from
Baby say I'm handsome, 2 hoes that's a tandem
Bougy b_tch she only s_ck d_ck when she in the mansion
Yeah my diamonds dancing, my d_ck taste just like candy
I'm cooking dope in Burberry cause I'm kinda fancy
I'm scrape up, with her, if she wanna f_ck and she can handle it
I don't take no chances, like to get some understanding
She talking sh_t, she got my d_ck standing hard at attention
She's a very freaky girl, s_cking d_ck in Gucci Bentley
I just wanna know some, she just wanna smoke some
I just wanna pour some, I just had a foursome
You can go to dinner with him, I just wanna f_ck some
You can be his girlfriend baby, I just wanna cut some
Gucci wanna f_ck some, flocka wanna cut some
This lady is my partner, kirko, any wanna f_ck some
Do you wanna f_ck some, cause I wanna f_ck some
No need to introduce yourself, just follow these instructions

[Kirko Bangz]
Ride through the hood, hoes scream my name
When it comes to hoes I'm the f_cking maine
N_ggas represent that east side, lmg, that's gang gang
Turn up n_gga like a f_cking flower
Like a balling b_tch, her brother powder
She fall in love with my Oscar Mayer pockets full of that cauliflower
My n_gga Waka, got a b_tch in Prada, we all hit her, that's a pinata
I'm never done, but I'm the dundada
Master P, make em say, ugh
B_tch eating up my cum, probably f_ck around with her mom
I'm the answer, she give me some, I D'd her up like Tayshaun
I left for green, ? I f_cked them all, I ain't naming none
She f_ck my team, for front row seats
You tryna f_ck so you p_ssy eat
I don't smoke a lot, but if I smoke it's sweet
You p_ssy n_ggas can't smoke with me
Asian b_tch, her p_ssy tight, and all I speak is get on knees


[Waka Flocka]
She just wanna smoke one, she just wanna drink a pint
Waka can't stand straight girls, all he wanna f_ck is dykes
She ride me like a mountain bike, can I f_ck your friend tonight
Jab that p_ssy like I'm Mike, I just wanna f_ck some
Baby won't you s_ck some, f_cked her in her boyfriend car
Nutted on the back seat, back shots, back shots

[Young Scooter]
I just wanna f_ck, don't wanna know your name
4 hoes at one time, I'm on molly not no xans
Freebandz make her dance, got a pistol in my pants
One night stand b_tch I can't hold your hand
B_tch acting like a groupie, you know I can't trust no fan
In less than 60 seconds I done talked her out her pants


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