Gang Bangin' - Gucci Mane

You ain't talkin' money then you speak a foreign language
I'm from East Atlanta, we don't even talk to strangers
Blue diamonds in my Rollie, gang banger
Red diamonds in my Rollie, gang banger
I'm from East Atlanta, all I do is run it up
I'm not talkin' English, I'm just talkin' money, bruh
Red diamonds in my watch, gang banger
Blue diamonds in my necklace, gang banger

I'm smokin' California weed, it's the best in the B
And it's reserved for only rappers, superstars and Gs
They call me Gucci Mane Li cause [?]
I take your head off your body, that El Chapo in me
These n_ggas sleepin' on the concrete to put Js on their feet
I rock exclusive Louboutins 4 weeks 'fore they hit the streets
It's big Gucci with a big G
I hustle hard, I sell a peach to a peach tree
I turned on Peachtree and I told my top to leave me
Yellow Ferrari on the Forgis, they believe me
And I'm a walkin' traphouse, you can rent me
And I'm a rollin' drug store so limo tint me, catch up!


You talkin', n_gga? What you talkin' 'bout?
You don't got no money, you have got no clout
3 cars and I can bring 'em out
The Lamb' all red, cost half a mil'
That's a mile test
Drop top low, that's got a small chest
Got a gun chest
A girl with a gun in a sundress
Murder complex, use it through your headrest
I left your whole hood smellin' like deviled eggs
And I left your two homeboys headless
Talkin' sh_t, p_ssy n_gga? Where the address?
You ain't come over with me in Sun Valley
You youngin's gettin' by barely
I'm a young black millionaire in Ballys
Guwop in this b_tch, I'm droppin' deuces and foes
And I'ma front that dough to every n_gga I know
I was a hundred thousand dollars up at the store
Now I'm on like 10 mil', n_gga, I got a hundred to go


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