Go for It - Gucci Mane

Go for it
Go for it
Tell her somethin' good
That ho, she go for it
Go for it
Go for it
See me in the club
Shorty go for it
Go for it
Go for it
Got waves in my fade
Need a surfboard
Go for it
Go for it
Take fifty to the mall
Let you go for it

[Verse 1]
Swag jumped overboard
Call the coast guard
Yellow, black Ferrari
Pull up in my Landshark
Yeah, my homies got more tools than a [?]
Have 'em knockin' on your door like your landlord
Question of the day: What car are you gonna drive today?
Money's not a problem, I'm booked up 'till the month of May
Million dollar man, call me Gucci [?]
Every week, come to the mall, rein'-up Versace
So if you hatin' on Gucci Mane, gon' and get in line
No matter what you drivin', don't park your car next to mine
And if you can't see all these diamonds, then you colorblind
Looked at my watch to check the time, it told me "time to shine"

[Verse 2]
I tell her somethin' slick, hope that she go for it
She wanna get with Gucci, and we both know it
Smoke so much kush that I need a 'dro card
Sell so much coke that I got a snow award
Hit the car lot like "F_ck that sh_t, give me two of these"
Then, dropped the top late night to feel the summer breeze
I got her sellin' blow for me, no time
It's like I stuck my d_ck in a gold mine
Red bottom shoes, and they match the red Chevy
I'm the quarterback, I might just throw a Hail Mary
Gucci Mane, you know I pull a flea flicker
You industry, n_gga
I'm in the streets, n_gga


[Verse 3]
My money startin' to stand like an ant pile
I'm all about my grands like a grandchild
Show my ass like I got my pants down
All my fans say that I'm the man, hands down
Diamonds dancin' on my hand, do the James Brown
Smokin' kush straight out the pound, I need to change towns
'Rari crawlin' down the street like a centipede
Ballin' like I'm in the league, but I'm not in the league
Got Jamaicans, and they cut that weed down by the tree
F_ck who it profit if that sh_t don't profit me
26's got the donk lookin' like it got hydraulics
So, if you ain't talkin' money, n_gga, change the topic


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