Greasy - Gucci Mane

Shouts out to zone 6
East Atlanta stand up
Shouts out to the homey Coach-K

[Verse 1:]
I'm in the ATL and I'm high as hell with no AC
Drop more grain than AC, append 1-50 on my AP
I'm a asshole, kinda arrogant
An Aquarius, no Aries
Got a 1000 pieces of asparagus
And it's just touched from AZ
You f_ck n_ggas don't know me
Be accurate when you compare me
Got a AR & a AK & I'll turn yo' ass to swiss cheese
Move smooth like a OG, give it to 'em when I go from A to B
Watching out for APD
Cause this night we hot on goddamn weed
Flashback, quantum leap
2003 and I'm in my V
Gold pat, 99, put these things on my Caprice
Fast forward, prison time
Coming down the strip in a Bentley
My pistol's my assistant
I'll shoot yo' ass from a distance

Greasy, greasy
Don't bring no knife to no good fight because that greasy
Don't buy no dope in East Atlanta cause that greasy
These n_ggas thirsty for that check, I swear they greasy
Young n_ggas greasy, OGs they greasy
West side, east side, north side, south side I swear they greasy
These n_ggas greasy, these b_tches greasy
Young n_ggas thirsty for the check, I swear they greasy

[Verse 2:]
Gucci Mane bought so much jury
That the n_ggas stand in and still feel worried
Better walk the yellow brick road
As to us, it can get some curve
Buy a brick and it don't do sh_t
Don't quit n_gga, don't get discouraged
Real speak, he keep talkin' sh_t
All of the n_ggas in yo clique get tortured
I'm a millionaire but I bought a V
Smoked it all with my bottom b_tch
Chincos on my top grill, 10 golds on no bottom b_tch
Actin' like you bullsh_t
Where's your Hillary Rodem b_tch?
With them ol' last red bottoms
She b_tch a kiss, I didn't acknowledge
Think I need me a college chick
Get brain with that knowledge sh_t
Put her up on money
Switch out the b_tch closet quick
Charge her with a body kit
Cat suit her body b_tch
Got free bricks, I got free weed
So you s_ck my d_ck you get benefits


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