Gucci Speaks - Gucci Mane

Okay, okay
Public service announcement
We're gonna have a Bricksquad survey
I am going to come with the question
First question!
Jay-Z is the greatest rapper alive?
Survey says...
That's a lie
Gucci Mane is not the hottest rapper in Atlanta?
Survey says...
That's a lie
Someone, somewhere, in someplace
Ran Gucci from a store, block or club?
That is also a lie and you are not telling the truth
Moving on, moving on...
It's the Burrprint 3, staring me!
Gucci Mane that's the leading actor!
Supported by my whole cast, Bricksquad!
Okay, a lot of you n_ggas are broke
Putting pennies together to buy a quarter
And I feel sorry for you

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