Guinne Pig - Gucci Mane

I experiment with drugs, I'm a guinne pig
Im wallow in the mud, I'm a guinne pig
Dirty money dirty money man, I'm filthy rich
I'm filthy rich, I'm filthy rich

[Verse 1:]
I could care less what you think of me
So I remember you played less through elementary
They get ragious like kobe but im not in the league
And from morning forever getting money way over seas
You not no O.G. so you can not hit my O.G. weed
Big gucci but LV's all over me, that's irony
So make your top tens I give a f_ck where you place me
I got that blue-ray on my deuces come back HD

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
I rolled a half of my blunt in 6 seconds
They say I just broke another world record
I sold your boy a half a chicken and a cherrie
And I pour lean up and don't measure
B_tches say that I'm just pleasure
I told that her trash another b_tch treasure
I text my ex my new b_tch p_ssy wetter
See the belt, shoes, and bag I'm getting cheddar


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