Gunnin' - Gucci Mane

Shootin' for it, gun, gunnin' for it
Guwop, so high, I could skydive
Shootin' for it, gun, gunnin' for it

[Verse 1:]
I'm so high that I could skydive
I ain't wore Levi's since '89
My tree-house like it's teatime
But tea time is lean time
So I'm rich, kiss my behind
My verse so hard, make you rewind
Got 8 artists, but meantime
Matter fact, naw, its Thug and Peewee time
Watches on, it's freeze time
Going in like PE time
Sell seashell, I got C4 and if I see a hater, then it pulls out
F_ck a bird and a b_tch, I need a bird in the hand
Tell your b_tch you a camel, make her walk through the sand
Jump on the plane with 10000 grams
Cookin' up dope, 10000 hands
Cookin' up dope, 10000 pants
I just f_cked my 10000th fan
Got 10000, 10000 bands
Got so much money that I'm hurting my hand
Cut 'em off, I don't need you man
How you bite that hand that feed you man?
Like I feed that n_gga, I bleed that n_gga
I don't need that n_gga, I bleach that n_gga

[Hook: x2]
All my n_ggas they shootin' for it
All my n_ggas they gunnin' for it
MPA, I'm shootin' for it
BSM, I'm gunnin' for it
1017 I'm shootin' for it
Dirt Gang, n_gga, I'm gunnin' for it

[Verse 2:]
N_gga don't know about 'Wop? He better learn somethin'
Gucci Mane got them young n_ggas, them young n_ggas gone burn somethin'
N_ggas say that time'll tell, but time gone tell I turn this n_gga
Time better tell I'm a burn that n_gga
Gucci Mane, you better learn somethin'
You can earn somethin', come duke out with me
Run up on 'Wop, come shoot out with me
Gucci Mane ain't no wicked n_gga, my clip out here hold 150
Many men wish death on me, so Guwop feel just like young 50
3 tear drops, gotta get 3 more cause I can't go out like Pac and Biggie
I'm a shootin' for you 'for I talk to you
Chalk ya 'for I talk ya
I'mma splack 'for I dap ya
I'mma nap ya 'for I tap ya
'For I smurf you, I'mma hurt you
'For I meet you, I'mma murk you
'For I call you, I'mma call on you
I'mma smoke you, close call fool

[Hook x2]

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