Hell Yes - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1:]
Getting head from a smart b_tch
I'm pulling up in some dark sh_t
And I might just have a change of heart
Better play your part, b_tch
Tryna get too smart, b_tch
I might just have a change of heart
Got a six-car garage, b_tch
But I don't need you to drive sh_t
'Cause I done had a change of heart
Woke up in a mansion - grew up in apartments
And I'm the n_gga that broke her heart
Got a car don't need no keys, baby
Automatic starter, my finger, baby
Pourin' up, thinkin', start fightin' like Springer
'Cause Gucci Mane ain't no average
Got a girl, don't need no weed, baby
You my dope, I'm your fiend, baby
Like Billy Dee, get in my ride
And girl, get out my dreams, baby
Work on your footwork like Hakeem, baby
All this green between me and you, lady
Put half on a baby with my homeboy
'Cause every time I ain't tryna have no baby
Smoking on kush got my eyes real lazy
You can ride me, baby, then drive me crazy
Rolling up half a pound, no shirt 'cause girls around
All this money on me, girl, I'll treat you special
Let me be the manager, girl, I can help you
Let me be the treasurer, get you a bezel
And you can be my trafficker, see you whenever, baby

Like Pun and Joe, I don't wanna be a player no more
Zone 6, I can't be your mayor no more
Took all my jewelry, all my money, threw it out the door
Brick Squad goin' broke? That's a "hell no"
Am I fresh? Yes, yes
And my b_tch dressed, yes, yes
Dress so fresh I impress myself
And I'm smoking on a pound of the realest
Yes or no, am I over dressed?
Asked for a pick-up, said "hell yes"
Asked for the d_ck I said "hell yes"
"Do you wanna f_ck me?"
She said "hell yes"

[Verse 2:]
Baby, I'm a go out my way just to please you
Please don't leave me now, girl, 'cause I need you
I'll cut these hoes off right now, I really need to
And I don't even know why, girl, but I believe in you
You've been stuck on my line since you laid eyes on me
And I don't like your hatin'-ass friend because she lied
And I just touched down, I made my girl so proud
I know her inside out, I know her upside down
And plus that girl stay down through all my ups and downs
Even the thought of losing her...
Some n_ggas might say no to drugs
All my crew say "hell yeah"
We don't go get one pill, we got get twelve pills
All my n_ggas got brick fair, all my n_ggas got brick fair
At the faculty game, and your b_tch there
I was worth ten mill' when Vic was here
And the same 'hood you can't come to
That's the one, my mama pay rent there
Spin the globe, every point I've been there
I went platinum in Australia


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