I'm So Numb - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1:]
I got a killer pack of ganja screamin out cowabunga
Ferrari boy baby yo n_gga still drive a Honda
I'm a trapper turned rapper, rapper turned to an actor
Homie ain't nothin but he's a nonfactor
N_ggas claim we country pull up in like a tractor
Gucci Manes a bachelor yo man, fake as a wrestler
Zone 6 Master, shut up before I slap ya
Pulled out that 50 caliber set it before I ask ya
Violence is not the answer, Please put down your rifle
I'd rather kill 'em all with kindness, I am only trying to help you
I told her shut the f_ck and get on the ground b_tch (SHUT THE F_CK UP B_TCH)
Don't make a f_ckin' sound b_tch (GET YO B_TCH ASS DOWN)
He just booked me for a walk through
Some killers in ya town b_tch!

You can try and flatter me
It don't really matter to me
It's all chit-chatter to me
My pockets gettin' fatter ya see

I'm so numb [x8]

[Verse 2:]
It don't even bother me
Ya homegirl jockin' me
Yo n_gga bottle blockin' me
My diamonds are shockin to see (BURR BURR)
The same way I'm rockin' the street
Is the same way I'm rockin' the beat
Shut the f_ck up I ain't talkin to you
And shut the f_ck up you ain't talkin to me
I know a n_gga down [?] ya see
The fo' gave him like forty-three
And when he get out he'll be sixty-three
But it don't matter he gone keep it G
Look in the mirror you look just like me
But you ain't got money just like me
Yeah you can ball out just like me
Try and flatter me I know you see


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