I Cant Be Your Man - Gucci Mane feat Young Thug, MPA Wicced & D.K.

I got ma cousin with me you know
Hi keisha [ma buzz a lil big]
[I got my buzz up]
Mustard on the beat

I can't be your man I know y'all want too many
I got keisha, leisha, tia, britney I can't forget whitney
Hello peter pan she missed her blessing
F_cked over dk now this whole one bleeding
Now she right back stressing
[Verse 1:]
Do you really wanna, ass fat she
Heading to the [?] room and
She hotter than a covenant in f_cking summer
Four book I try to stray just like thunder
Yea yea yeaaaaa, yea yea
Ima hit her then pass her to ma h like speed
They can't find me i'm getting ma d_ck s_cked in the b
She got high off ma hard no little weed
15 hundred for ma shades that sh_t tired from way far
Bought a car those are jar don't play cards got the cough
[?] I can't park it just bark i'm a star
Love ma b_tch bad but i'm a motherf_cking dogg, b_tches
Say ma son gonna be gay cause he spoilt
Ysl with the snakes in yo yard he called up bruno tell him meet
Me on mars lil b hopped in the phantom picking her bras


[Verse 2:]
Girl you work that twerk that p_ssy like a door knob
Who turn up. Huh like usher let it burn now I
Never give a f_ck never give a damn
Never will and a never have
I put a b_tch on a slab and you better bring
[?] back, if not b_tch you get smacked
Now, like the dvd when you s_ck me down don't do no teeth
I like to kick back get high like Wiz Khalif
Yeah, b_tch I know you notice me yeah
You see them diamonds on the polo t
That's why you wanna f_ck me and s_ck me
Head game girl like kiki you don't do what
Girl please


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