I Fuck with That - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
You know I f_ck with her
You know she f_ck with me
You know she stuck with me
It's Gucci Mane she gotta be
A dime piece
Look at my time piece
A big bag of kush what she remind me
I'm on the slick-talking sh_t, like the Isleys
You got to spend 400,000 to ride behind me
You got to pay 15k just to sit beside me
I'm on the grind, I ain't even got to go outside before you see me shine
Real n_ggas want to get me fired
Cutie pie wanna come and say hi
Player haters want to see die but it can't stop me, n_gga I'm alive
.45 shoot 13 times
AK's yetta don't take lies
And your main girl on my line
N_gga, I swear I ain't never seen a b_tch so fine

She got her own cash, I fawk with that
I fawk with that, I f_ck with that
She got a full swag, I fawk with that
I fawk with that, I fawk with that
Turnt up to the max, I fawk with that
I fawk with that, I fawk with that
She only f_ck with street n_ggas, I fawk with that
I fawk with that, you know I fawk with that
[Verse 2]
The b_tch I'm with she so fly she need a f_cking flight attendant
If I said that sh_t, I meant that sh_t
Ten million dollars cash, I done spent that sh_t
If you love that chick, don't send that b_tch
Don't lend that b_tch, I hit that b_tch
Break that b_tch and bend that b_tch
Don't follow my rules I end this sh_t
Sipping on Bombay, what would your mom say?
Let's not pretend 'cause I'm not your fiance
Met on a Sunday, f_ck on a Monday
Girl you ain't heard I'm in love with that money
Keep it a hundred keeping you running
Turn your ass round and you lay on your stomach
Cuffin no woman, keep it from coming
Keep it I'm coming. I'm brutally honest
All in the AT, all in Atlant
Pulling her Tracs while she's scratching my back
Leaning in forward, she pushing me back
Bad at commitment but great in the sack
Gave her a stack, baby relax
Way that she s_cking, it's paying me back
D_ck is a horse so I'm f_cking with that
Roses are red, Ferraris are black


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