In - Gucci Mane feat Yung Fresh

[Hook x2 - Gucci Mane & Yung Fresh:]
Like I'm crazy, in, tell me what you want to spend
Is you drinking? These n_ggas know I got that med
Got that cake and, Imma put that FN on your friend
What he thanking? I bet he won't try that sh_t again

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
F is for Fendi, this FN is my firearm
My four second assassin, let bygones be bygones
Ice cream on my right cheek, tattoos on my right arm
Cold blooded like a pot thug, and my auntie stole my ball
I'm fresh greeting these Barkley's, got a quarter pound of these broccolis
The neighbors can watch me but the police can't stop me
F_ck trying out for JV, Marcell up in the hot seat
I'm in the ninth grade, f_ck a senior, so I got to steal more car keys
I'm lowkey but I mostly, be with n_ggas that sell Ds
Smoke weed, I still cough, street [?] doing nine to three
[?] sound, that was 92, 91, where was you
8 ball jacket in middle school, always had something to prove
Ease off of these ice cubes, yeah I'm a n_gga with an attitude
Cartier, I bought a pair, head so good got to hold her hair
Give her 500, that's more than fair, brought attention so she got to stare
Woke up in the morning, I was out of there
Gucci Mane, the real affair

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Yung Fresh:]
Mid end, it's packed in, the back end of the caravan
Dudes speak [?] they understand, got rubber bands on rubber bands
F_ck your girl, one night stand, had her on her knees while I stand
Paint her face and her chin then never call that b_tch again
Getting money my operation, getting money no hesitation
Super charge, you were made for racing
Sport rims, sport breaking
Kicking juugs all down at [?]
1000 for these n_ggas, come from [?]
I got em now so f_ck waiting, you cash out, f_ck debating
F_cked up a dime at the station, I'm counting money and contemplating
Glock 40 for any situation, I know how to equal the equation
Know I'm high, my eyes glazing, if you running then I'm chasing
Letting it go, that Glock blazing
Mask on, Vorhees, Jason
I'm running through it, thumbing through it
Serve him a dummy brick, he wish he knew it
Before he got to his state line, I was counting money, having a great time
Smoking great pound with a b_tch that was real thick, you know this b_tch fine
Served one n_gga like two times, came back and ate about two nines

[Hook x2]

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