Informant - Gucci Mane

I sit around in the with my young n_ggas
Sellin' narcotics
Boys in the hood, wanna see a dead body?
F_ck 12, cause a n_gga got a 12-gauge shotty
And I heard Vicky boy just shot somebody
Rude boy, tote a [?] with the bumbaclot
Rasclat better run, cause Im lookin sharp
Head shot, pop pop pop pop pop to your dreadlock
And I drop the informant who talk to the damn cops

[Verse 1]
I'm a soldier on the battlefield
I murk your ass for real
Got a young n_gga who love to kill
More bodies than a Navy Seal
These young boys ain't got nothin' to do
But somethin' to prove and somethin' to shoot
Kill you on you birthday
Take you cake, and f_ck your lady too
Shoot you in your [?]
Now, have a Rastafarian funeral
"[?] is a traitor" she said to his [?]
Hundred wawa's, all with woppers
Ain't no f_cking breathing room
18 karat golden choppa my hollow tip got diamonds (burr)
Extended clip I dipped my clip in rose gold, so it match my jewelry, fool
"Gucci Mane got stupid money, but that boy ain't lyrical"
I'm Eazy-E, reincarnated, but without the Jheri curl (R.I.P.)
Without the Dre Beats on my ear
And ice cubes on my favourite girl

[Verse 2]
Here's you a little tip
Gucci Mane a miracle
Call me anything but lyrical
The sh_t gonna get physical
[?] on your b_tch ass
I f_cked her in the living room
She tried to get you to walk the walk
So, now the b_tch [?]
Short, fine
Big b_tt, with a fat purse
[?] nine, show time
Make that gat burst
I don't mind
But, don't touch it 'till you ask first
My new chick
She'll eat a d_ck like a bratwurst
I sip the lean
Pancake, Mrs. B_tterworth
100K on three whips, that's a [?]
100 pounds, I didn't pay
I got a weed [?]


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