Interlude #1: Toilet Bowl Shawty - Gucci Mane feat Mike Epps

[jail bars shut]
So so, oh for real? Oh f'real?
Hell yeah man
Now now that's cold blooded
So you mean to tell me you had the whole sh_t on lock like dat?
Man I'm tellin you, like like Nino Brown
How many car?
Man, you mean to tell me
How mu', how much you make in in a day?
I'm tellin you man sh_t man money man
A million dollars, two million dollars
That's crazy
How many n_ggaz you have workin for you?
Sh_t, my lil' cousin, brother, my auntie
Oh you had them hoe
I see you goin mad sh_t though
How much money up there dawg?
Fifty thousand at a time
They shoulda f_cked with a n_gga mayne
Yeah I'm I'm I'm down, I'm the..
How much you lay on a n_gga mayne?
I gotta get to know you a little bit
I'ma do somethin for ya, I'ma lay somethin on ya
Aww man, that's cold blooded, that's cold clooded
I'ma do somethin for ya youngblood, y'knahmean?
I know you out there tryin
So tell me somethin huh
How big the house wars you were talkin 'bout?
Oh I had man, many - which house?
Oh man, what the hell that b_tch you used to be f_ckin with?
Oh, sh_t uhh, Red, the red one?
Aww man that crazy-ass b_tch
That's hard mayne, hard mayne
So tell me man that n_gga used to work for you?
Oh yeah, oh yeah, that n_gga would do anything I tell him
How much he owe you?
He don't owe me nuttin now
I done beat all my money out of his ass
Oh is that verified?
Yeah verified
Tell me somethin tell me somethin then okay okay
Tell me this right here, but check this out
What hood you from? [toilet flushing]
Uh, man I'm, I'm from all over the place
My momma lived everywhere
Moved all over the God damn city
[water running]

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