Intro (Big Meech) - Gucci Mane

Yea motherf_cker we got big cat in this
Motherf_cker la flare n_gga Gucci Mane
The motherf_ckin' gotto n_gga it's a wrap
Then the whole industry we got
This sh_t in the f_ckin' head lock

Yeah, Gucci we f_ckin' this n_ggas up
Cat we doin' more than f_ckin' this n_ggas up
We f_ckin' this n_ggas hoes we got
More ice than this n_ggas we got mo money than this
N_ggas we independent we making major
N_ggas tuck they chain in ha ha ha

I love it make this f_ck n_ggas
Tuck they chain in Gucci
You know how we do, baby

I want to tell you ahh
My n_gga just bought me a Jacob
Right that b_tch cost 'bout 60
Right that b_tch got yellow blue in green stones in it
Y'all b_tches get y'all weight up out there

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