Kick Door - Gucci Mane feat OJ Da Juiceman

[Hook: OJ Da Juiceman]
Trapping it into the bando
My .40 cal holds an extendo
Watch these n_ggas [?]
Pay a whole like we play Nintendo
I don't rock with n_gga that my kin folk
These other n_ggas out here b_tch doe
Pass it young n_gga, kick door

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
We put lean in anything, [?]
20 ways you see me bling, its Mr. high and Dr. jumper
I'm on the [?]
Clean codeine I'm drinking lean
My daddy here just got some lean
Got a big bank roll, n_gga no pressure
Got a bad b_tch, [?]
Cocaina whipping out the nina
Walking out the bando and jumping in the beamer
If ya know that ya can surrender
N_ggas refrain ya, n_ggas retain ya
We grew up in the East Atlanta
Colombian dough like I'm Tony Montana
Smoking on Cuban cigars like a banner

[Verse 2: OJ Da Juiceman]
Young n_gga do a kick door
Do hits on a n_gga like I'm [?]
Smoking all the gas up in my castle
Me and my 2 young girls [?]
No pressure, ain't no hassle
These the same n_ggas that f_ck with foot draggers
Later at the bando
Watch em for the pigs
On the roof they got some scammers
I just made a million
These n_ggas chain like they chameleon
All bout the bag baby I just want the millions
Still whipping babies, so I guess I'm selling children
Brand new coupe, call it [?]


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