Lowest - Gucci Mane feat OG Maco & Rich The Kid

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
No place she would rather be
Than dancing in front of me
Gucci Mane I'm from the street
But I got ice all over me
Got my dawg with me
I swear my n_ggas like some dobermans
Ya kill with them just ask and will
I think that they provoking me
Yellow kush I'm smoking it
Hunnid mill, make hopefully
You been close minded
One up on the kid I bet I open it
Bricksquad line I'm pushing it
Cali n_ggas growing it
Valley n_ggas cooking it and serving it, you knowing it
Some say I'm a genius with it, some say I'm a poet
Some of these n_ggas that wanna ball but get the ball can't tote it
Half of these n_ggas that hit the mall don't buy sh_t, that's pathetic
I'm vacuum sealing and stashing this sh_t tryna dodge them German shepherds

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
The word around the town, is my price is at the lowest
It's a low down dirty game, but I bet my n_ggas is the lowest
Don't worry what I'm about to do with this money, cuz this money ain't yours
I'm a billionaire and I'm making, but I guess these n_ggas don't know it
I'm riding around in a Lambo, and I bet my car the lowest
And I like the way that she drop it down, but her friend go down the lowest
I'm counting money, I'm staying down, I'm hustling with my boys
It's a drought in town, but I'm still good, cuz my price is the lowest
[Verse 2: Rich Tha Kid]
It's a drought in town, still got the pounds
Bentley Coupe, I ride around
50 straps, me and OG Mac this a kick door b_tch where it's at
Still sippin' lean, weightin' too much
Mothaf_ck 12, free Guwop
Thirteen, I was running from the cops
Jugging on n_ggas on the block
Go blind if ya look at this bezzle
Got so many hoes on my schedule
B_tch QC pull up flexing
Too many rocks in my necklace
I got bricks, my price is the lowest
F_cking yo b_tch, I'm rich and she know it
We want a check and the respect
My young n_gga pull up with tec
Dirty ass ho, can't trust no b_tch, my wrist on froze
I got the work in the bowl
Why is the dope on your nose
N_ggas hating but its f_ck f_ck
Pass the hoes, I don't wanna cuff
Rich n_gga came from the bottom
Word around my rollie flooded


[Verse 3: OG Maco]
We was waiting and start taking over
Like the mumps and measles now we running media
Make your wife a eat her
She licking sacks for the Saks Fifth
How you greet her with a mouth kiss?
F_ck ignorance
Full account is bliss
To fool em out of ere, to get your noggin split
Free Wop man, f_ck feds
Always came in like the 3
Ass double Team
And we can double barrels
Get the wood (?)
Momma said she got that good head
And got a bright future, and I watch her play it
Catch a check, b_tch I'm known to play ya
Dirty game in my hand full
Get a phone full of [?]
Mix it up then, then resale
Ain't sh_t free so its no pity
Young mogul, I'm chasing Diddy
Ya tryna stop me make the semi hit you
Spots 12 like a body flippin'
Throwin pistols, I've been thinking money longer than I remember
Yea yea


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