Made It - Gucci Mane

I'm the definition of a rich trap n_gga
Genghis Khan drug don, certified killa
Young n_gga trapping for them new Lebrons n_gga
I was trafficking and passing brick like I'm Lebron n_gga
Steff Curry pound of kush under my armour n_gga
Arm and hammer gucci cook it right infront of n_ggas
Everybody bosses really they just runners n_gga
On YSL designer down I drip like [?] n_gga
Have you been so broke you had to serve a pregnant lady
Feeding crack rock to a baby and you really just a baby
The sh_t I seen in sun valley drive a n_gga crazy
I drunk so many pints I damn near drove my mama crazy

This sh_t crazy
I'm crazy
Life crazy
They say my wife crazy
I'm marrying a killer
This ain't rock bottom
Can't go [?]
It's Gucci
I walk in the bank they say, hey Mr. Davis
How may I assist you
It's Gucci
It's Wizop

I act like I forgot but I was once a mental patient
[?] while my career deteriorated
Now everyday I wake up I feel invigorated
Got Rihanna on IG talking about Gucci's transformation
Minor setback for a major compilation
Meant to say comeback but I might drop a compilation
Sometimes I post a pic just so I can block all the haters
A lot of n_ggas sending threats I don't know what the wait is
They actin' like they tough but don't want no confrontation
These s_cka's ain't even man enough to say congratulations
2018 20 year my high school graduation
I might go in my bag and send them on a paid vacation
You never sold a brick I understand the fascination
You think he a [?] but really he's a scammer baby
I'm from east Atlanta by way of Alabama baby
Took so many bricks to bama my pic should be laminated

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