Make Yo Move - Gucci Mane feat Quavo

[Intro - Quavo]
Got to make that move
Go to make that move
Got to make that move girl

[Hook - Quavo]
I know you seeing all this money I got on me
I know you staying over there, I know you want me
If your team get my team, girl it's on me
What you gone do, got to make your move
Make that move, make that move
Make your move, what you gone do
Make that move, make that move
Got to make your move, what you gone do
[Verse 1 - Quavo]
Pull up in a McLaren, my diamonds are flaring, lil mama start staring
She looking at me and I'm looking at her and I like what she wearing
She made me want to run around, you just like an errand
No Halle Berry, no Jennifer Hudson, there ain't no comparing
She walk around with that hair long to her booty crack
Girl you make me want to eat you up like a Scooby Snack
If you we was playing basketball I'd hit your ass with that Shaq Attack
When I hit it from the back shawty act like a boomerang and she bring it back, boing-boing
Got me hit like Jackie Chan, chong-oing
I wanna take you home, wake up next to you in the morning
She popped a molly now all the sudden she snoring
She talk too much, annoying

[Hook - Quavo]

[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
Gave her 1000 dollars, cause the b_tch so thick and she s_ck good d_ck
I don't give a f_ck about it, and I don't miss sh_t and I don't miss sh_t
Cause I be f_cking balling, when I hit layin' next, wanna have sex, f_ck them n_ggas
Call me Gucci, you pay me 100 for a feature my n_gga, Gucci gon come and get ya
Your [?] the truth, Imma come and get you, but bring that money with you
You like graffiti, I don't like fine art cause I'm a bigger picture
And matter fact, the way I ball, b_tch I'm a motion picture
Your b_tch got motion sickness cause we riding on 26s

[Hook - Quavo][x2]

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