Maybe It's The Juice - Gucci Mane

Shhh? don't say nothing
I know you broke, be quiet
Big money talkin' (burr)
Count up
R.I.P Double Dee
Brick Squad
No breathing
No [?] either mane
Don't hit my line if you ain't gon' buy something

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
All that gold in your mouth, boy you thugged out
I'm not a maid, but I clean out the gambling house
She said, "Gucci, out, take it out, ouch ouch"
Rich n_gga beat your back out on Versace couches
Got my sleeves on, got my top off
Her nails ain't pressed on, her hair ain't snatching out
They say I'm tacky yellow, white jewelry mismatching now
Money bulgin' out my Diesel khakis, yeah, it's bulgin' out
Miss lady say she know me
I'm ballin' like Ginobili
She say I f_cked her in east LA, man that's just what she told me
She s_ck me till my toes curl, I asked her "Whatcha owe me"
Said "Wop don't owe her nothing man, but beat it like I stole it"
Sitting at the Floyd fight, Golden Boy Promotions
Said you signed to Def for what? Man I put that on my Rolly
Got them black All Stars on me, like a OG
Had a black Bentley, now it's red on Forgi's

[Hook - Gucci Mane:]
Maybe it's the juice
Maybe it's the juice
She want to get loose, so I let her drink the juice
Double deuce, double cup, pour a fo' or two
Sliding in the coupe, half a pint in my apple juice

[Verse 2:]
My first gun was a double deuce
Who got the juice? Who got the Juice? I'll throw you off the roof
I'm Gucci Lion rastafari, and I f_ck with Snoop
I'm Uncle Gucci, K.O.D. got hoes like Uncle Luke
You in a weak crew n_gga making checkers moves
Chess moves, Tim Duncan, n_gga vet moves
So many snakes in the grass, bought a mongoose
I camouflaged my Foamposites like some jungle
It's Gucci


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